New Volunteer interest indicator 2023

New Volunteer interest indicator 2023
Summer Camp Volunteer Interest indicator
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Heartland Conference and Templed Hills Camp! We could not achieve our goals without you! This survey will gather some initial information so that we can direct you to the right person for more information. If you know the director of the session that you wish to volunteer, please contact them directly for the registration link and more information. Please note the following process for becoming a volunteer: * fill out the interest indicator (optional) * Have a conversation with a Camp Director and/or the Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries * Fill out a volunteer application (online registration) * Complete a background check authorization * Background and reference checks will be returned satisfactorily. * volunteer position assigned * Training for the position * Volunteer!!
*Name and pronouns
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What type of volunteer position are you interested in?

*Why are you interested in volunteering for Templed Hills Camp?
*Preferred contact
Please list the best day, time, and method to contact you for a conversation about the next steps.

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