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2021 2nd round t-shirts
The initial pre-order for Camp Shirts for 2021 has closed. The purpose of this survey is to see if there is enough interest in opening a second shop. We must have 13 shirts ordered in each style to justify a shop. Please understand that this is not an order form. This is just an interest indicator. If enough interest in indicated, we will let you know the shop is open and you will need to go on line and purchase your shirts.
How many shirts of the 2021 camp theme design would you like to order?
This is the "Branching out" logo shown above. Please list the total number of t-shirts or hoodies you'd like.
How many of the Templed Hills Camp - campfire logo - shirt would you like to order?
The design is above. Please indicate the total number of t-shirts or hoodies.
Please list your first and last name
Please list your email

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